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Fed Chief Bernanke Q&A bullets by Ryan C. Rogers, RMR Wealth Management

RMR Wealth Management - Monday, June 25, 2012




Bernanke: Fed will not buy European sovereign debt.......Other than the European sovereign debt they already own.

Bernakne: additional steps available for central banks, BUT they are not understood and they have costs and risks!!!!!!!

Bernanke: doing more means........he's not really sure.

Bernanke: prepared to protect US financial markets and economy if HOPE doesn't work out.

Bernanke: VERY HOPEFULL Europe policy makers get it right

Bernanke: HOPES europe doesn't get worse.......

Bernanke: Volker rule positive....could have prevented JP Morgan $2 bil loss

Bernanke: won't comment on Volker rule release

Bernanke: plenty of securities available for fed to buy

Bernanke: Blames rest of world(EU,Japan,etc) for slow growth in US. Plus housing market. And finally state and local fiscal governments.

Bernanke: Fiscal Cliff is the problem of congress. Hopes they don't kick can down the road...........

Bernanke: World central banks consulting with each other....not coordinating........

Bernanke: all steps taken by FED and EU have risks associated with them.

Bernanke: federal reserve non-partisan............

Fed Chairman: incoming data since last meeting largely disappointing

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