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Dear John, 

Accumulating assets and distributing assets represent the two stages of your financial lifecycle.  For the latter to be successful, the former has to be attended to prudently and attentively.  You must have a solid asset allocation strategy in place by diversifying your portfolio and aligning it within your particular risk/reward parameters.

Whether accumulating assets or thinking about retirement, you must spread your risk across multiple asset classes.  This will help to minimize the potential for significant loss that may diminish your ability to distribute those assets in retirement as hoped.  Do you assess all of your assets to see if they are aligned with your goals?  Do you know how much risk you are taking on to achieve your objectives?

RMR Wealth Management, LLC has the resources to monitor all of your assets in one place to make sure your overall portfolio allocation is tailored to your specific needs.  In order for you to make smart decisions with your money, you need to have a plan in place to prevent you from making costly mistakes.  You have a plan for most aspects of your everyday life; why not your finances?  Only 22% of Americans have a definitive financial plan.  Do not be in the category of the 78% who do not.  Stop neglecting your money and be proactive!

Take a minute to read the article below in which I was interviewed by the Dow Jones News, Practice Management section:


Please contact John J. Fiorito at 212-785-4377 to develop, execute, and monitor your plan today, so that you can ‘Retire Comfortably and remain Comfortably Retired’.



John J. Fiorito
Financial Advisor
“Retire Comfortably and Remain Comfortably Retired”

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