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Hello John,

Now that you know “Who” I am, and “Why” I am a Financial Advsior, I am going to tell you the reason you should “Choose” to work with me (if you would like to read the past two articles please click on “Who” and “Why” links above).

Beginning my career in 2002 in the financial industry I wanted to provide unbiased advice.  I believe the ideal situation is if you could put yourself in the client's situation and provide advice as if it were you.  At that time, computers were beginning to change the way people transacted business by buying and selling stocks via the internet and getting information.  I knew it was important to be able to separate myself by having no conflicts of interest.  So I decided to associate myself with an Independent Financial Service Company.  

At first it was difficult because people were so glamorized with name brand recognition.  It was until I got across my message to these individuals they began to understand it was not about the name brand of the company but choosing an advisor who you can trust and rely on.  Being an independent advisor allowed me the ability to provide people with the advantages and disadvantages of all products available in the market.

As an independent advisor there are no proprietary products or services.  Each situation is completely tailored to fit in the client’s best interest.  How can you be a financial advisor and guide people if you are associated with a life insurance company that wants you to offer their products?  How can you guide people if your wealth management firm is publicly traded company and needs to increase revenue by offering their new products?  How can you guide people if your company has certain quotas to fulfill?  Do you notice the pattern?  All of these situations are in the best interest of the company and its advisors.  

As an independent advisor you do not have those conflicts of interest.  You can truly help each individual navigate the market, economy, to make better decisions based on what is in the best interest for them, and not for you.  I love what I do and being associated with RMR, a registered investment advisory firm provides me with the resources to help guide my clients, provide unbiased advice and solutions to put them in a better position to succeed.

In this day and age with access to information via the internet more and more people believe they can manage their finances on their own.  It has been my experience that most of the time people do not have the time to put forth the effort to actively manage, research and to navigate their finances which then becomes neglected.  You will have a greater chance of reaching your goals if you work closely with an advisor than trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.  So when you are looking for an expert, make sure it’s an expert that is working for your best interest and not theirs.


This month and each month to follow I am incorporating experts from different industries to provide information about who they are, what they do, and information to keep you informed and educated about any news that is occurring within their industry.  Any feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated.


This Month’s Featured Expert is:

Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan
Interior Designer

In-Site Interior Design, Inc. is an award-winning firm creating distinctive interiors for clients who understand that an aesthetically designed home relaxes as well as nurtures. They also know that a well-designed office or lobby interior increases profitability by conveying excellence and
affirming success. Creative Principal, Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan brings more than 20 years’ experience to her clients, is an alumnus of Parsons School of Design and a member of IIDA and REBNY. The In-Site staff is also talented, easy to work with and responsive to client needs.
When you think of what design can do and what it can convey, design is not a luxury; it is an essential. Please browse our website: http://www.insiteinteriordesign.com/portfolio/nyc-residence and call us for a free consultation.

Elizabeth S. Vaughan
In-Site Interior Design, Inc.
646-290-5232 (B)
917-202-1827 (M)

Please contact me at 212-785-4377 x224 to schedule your independent analysis in your journey to retire comfortably, and remain comfortably retired.  



John J. Fiorito
Financial Advisor
“Retire Comfortably and Remain Comfortably Retired”

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