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Hello John,

It’s now officially Spring as we approach the tax deadline.  The baseball season has begun and March Madness NCAA College Basketball tournament is heading into the Final Four weekend.  I’m so glad… Hopefully, no more snow until next year!  

To continue the second part of this four part series, I am going to talk about “Why” I wanted to be an independent Financial Advisor.  For those of you who did not have a chance to read my last newsletter, please click on “Who” is John Fiorito


As I talked about in my last newsletter, my father was a huge influence.  He worked in the financial industry for 25+ years.  He learned to save money early and invest in the stock market.  He taught me the importance of saving, the principles of asset allocation, and the basic fundamentals of investing.  He gave me the motivation to pursue this journey.  

After I graduated high school (and realized that I was not destined to be a professional athlete), I found myself constantly reading news, doing research, and becoming very much interested in my finances and the stock market.  
At the University at SUNY Albany, I took business related courses in a wide range of disciplines from accounting and business management to marketing and finance.  I also pursued communications.

I recall my father’s 12-15 hour work days.  By his example, he made me understand what it took to be successful in this business.  Unfortunately, I also witnessed the harsh reality of corporate America: that as employees get older, large institutions tend to replace them with those that are younger and lower paid.  Joe Fiorito became expendable.  I knew at that moment that I wanted to run my own practice and not have to subject myself to the potential of that situation.

So to this day, I am continuously educating myself on ways to help put my clients in a better position financially so they can achieve their “WHY” – their purpose in life and to live out their dreams.  When I ask individuals “WHY” they do what they do it is because I passionately want to help position them for financial security and success.  The many sacrifices I made and the ups and downs that I’ve experienced so I can do it on my terms are the essential components of my “WHY”. It’s what I hope to be able to impart to my clients.  You only get one shot at life.  The choices you make today will impact your tomorrow.  


This month and each month to follow I am incorporating experts from different industries to provide information about who they are, what they do, and information to keep you informed and educated about any news that is occuring within their industry.  Any feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated


Stephanie Heintzeler
Birth & Postpartum Doula

Stephanie Heintzeler is a birth and postpartum Doula. Having a midwifery background from Germany, she supports expecting parents in New York during pregnancy, birth and the post partum phase.

Stephanie attended her first birth during a hospital-internship at age 17 but years before that she knew she wanted to be a midwife. After having received her certification in midwifery she worked in Frankfurt, Germany until 2003- then she fulfilled her second big dream and moved to New York.  

Stephanie continued her midwifery work in Germany from time to time at also founded Preggie LLC in Germany, an online-Shop with US products. At the same time she built up her Doula-practice in New York. She loves working with the big variety of expecting parents and prepares them for birth with childbirth classes, supports them during labor and birth and visits them at home for advice once the baby is born.

You can find more info at www.thenewyorkdoula.com
Fun Facts about Stephanie
•    Delivered 1,246 babies as a midwife in Germany (678 baby boys and 568 baby girls, 38 water births, 7x breech babies naturally born, 21 times twins -half of them vaginally born-, 1 time triplets)
•    Supported 145 parents-to-be during labor and birth in New York. Those babies were born in 9 different hospitals in Manhattan and Brooklyn
•    Worked with about 200 "newborn" parents in their postpartum phase
•    Held childbirth classes for about 800 moms and dads to be
•    Attended over 240 c-sections
•    "Caught" 15 babies between hospital entrance and the delivery room

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to schedule an appointment by calling 212-785-4377 x224.



John J. Fiorito
Financial Advisor
“Retire Comfortably and Remain Comfortably Retired”

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