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Hello John,

Hopefully you are surviving the Polar Vortex of frigid temperatures and inclement weather.   

I have recently posted on my social media platforms that “I hope to educate you and keep you informed”.  When I work with my clients I try to find out about "WHY" they do what they do.  What are their goals, risk tolerances and objectives?  And what are their particular life circumstances that drive those goals and objectives?  So I ask you, if you had all the money in the world... Where would you be? Who would you be with? What would you be doing?”

So I thought to myself…  I believe I should tell you the answers to those questions about me.  So who is John Fiorito? Why did John want to become a Financial Advisor?  Why choose to work with John?  

This will be a four part series beginning first with “Who” is John J. Fiorito?

I was born in the Bronx, NY to parents Joseph and Jeanette Fiorito.  I’m the youngest of two.  I have an older sister, Jeannine.  I believe three main influences made me the man that I am today.

1.    Family
2.    Sports
3.    Environment

My father and mother were big influences in my life.  My father taught me work ethic and discipline.  He was the type of man who would get up early.  If it was snowing like we’ve seen lately, he was going to work no matter what, and nothing was stopping him.  He was the first one in the office and the last one to leave.  This showed me that nothing in life comes easy, and you have to work hard in order to achieve anything worthwhile.  My mother taught me values, to believe in myself, and to treat others the way you want to be treated.  She was the one home with me helping me to study, guiding my decisions, and believing that I can accomplish great things.

Another primary influence in my life was sports.  As you can see my father started me out early.   

From a very young age, I loved playing and watching sports.  Sports taught me about competition, discipline, and the virtues of practice and perfecting your craft.  The most important qualities I believe I learned from playing sports were to always be prepared, be persistent, and to never give up.  

Last but not least, I believe that the environment in which I grew up had a profound impact on my personal development.  My neighborhood was a huge melting pot, with individuals from many different races and cultures.  This helped me to understand other points of views and life priorities.  I learned early on that nothing would be handed to me and that I needed to be proactive in order to achieve my desired results.  I also learned what cannot be taught in text books, and that was to be “street smart”.  Growing up around different cultures sometimes created the potential for differences of opinion that could lead to violent circumstances.  My environment taught me to deal appropriately with particular neighborhood situations and not allow issues to escalate.  This quality has not steered me wrong as I continue my childhood relationships and begin to grow new relationships.  I believe it has helped me to make better life decisions for myself and those around me.  

Now that you now my three main influences, I will give a brief background of my life.  I grew up in the Bronx, NY went to public school until I reached high school.  My parents enrolled me into Mount Saint Michael Catholic Academy.  I attended college at SUNY Albany and graduated right after 9/11.  I then followed in my father’s footsteps into the financial world.  My first job was at Datek Online.  Two years later, I began my journey as a Financial Advisor during which I met my wife Melissa.  We now live in Brooklyn, NY with our “son” Hercules… That’s right, our dog.

In closing, I believe that the three main influences have made me who I am today.  They have made me a much better Financial Advisor, son, uncle, friend, brother, husband, and hopefully one day a better FATHER.
This month and each month to follow I am incorporating experts from different industries to provide information about who they are, what they do, and information to keep you informed and educated about any news that is occurring within their industry.  Any feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated!


This month’s FEATURED EXPERT is:

Tmima Grinvald MBA, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Professional Coach

Tmima is the owner of The Round Well Coaching and Leadership Development since 2009 (http://www.theroundwell.com/).  She started her career in the Information Technology as a military officer in the Israel Defense Forces, and continued as a civilian Project Manager. She still counts on her superior problem-solving and analytical skills that were key for her success in corporate America. She enjoys transforming teams and managers with powerful communication honed by over twenty-five years experience as an instructor, speaker, coach and manager. As a certified professional coach, Tmima partners with you to tackle whatever challenges hinder your company’s complete success.

If you'd like to learn more about effective decision making check out our blog post: http://theroundwell.com/how-overcome-decision-making-plight/

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